Thyra’s guard favors


I was asked to create a favor based on Queen Thyra’s favor.  The mold below is the result.  Note that the back of this token is built on top of another mold; one which held two parallel tokens.  This is highly appropriate for period molds.  The ends of the “T” are pretty sharp, which was the original intent.  I am a member of her guard and when not in armor I tend to wear sternum-baring middle eastern outfits, which bring the sharpnesss of the medallion to obvious focus.  Yipes.


The back of the mold can’t be mirror-smooth or else the pewter bubbles up on it.  Instead of a scratch pattern, I put many tiny losenges and one tiny maltese cross; the former because they are part of Thyra’s personal arms.  The effect is subtle but appropriate.

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