Roman Necklaces July 2014

July 2014: Roman Necklace

I accepted a fairly last-minute request to make “something” for the Trimarian Highnesses, who are Roman.  I went poking around my favorite image repository, namely the British Museum archives, and came up with these two necklaces that I really liked.  One is made of gold and one of silver.  I wanted a matched set, and with sumptuary laws in place I couldn’t use gold (or brass) or silver (or pewter) so I settled on copper for my necklaces (as usual, click on the thumbnail to see a bigger picture).

Original1 Original2


I have never seen a chain like the one on the left, so I started there.  I can readily make that shape when playing with my rubber bracelets, so I first started with a single ring and tried to bend it to the right shape.  It wasn’t near smooth enough.  I then tried starting with, essentially, two rings, but that too wasn’t the right shape.  Eventually, I succeeded by following these steps:

1. Wind wire around two 3/8″ metal rods, spread by 1/8″ (image below, bottom)

2. Lay the pair down and smoosh the wire straddling them into the crevice between them, until the rods touch

3. Replace the rods with 1/4″ rods, and repeat.

4. Cut the loops (image, top right)

5. Shape into a tighter figure 8, then curl around an even smaller rod (image: left)


The Medusa pendant became a Trimarian Triskele (three-headed wave shape of sorts).  I used this in both necklaces.  The second necklace, in the interests of time, got a single strand of wire weave instead of the whole wide weave.

IMG_20140728_203503_717-1  IMG_20140728_210317_536-1

And finally, because presentation goes a long way to make it all look better, I put them into a purple box I found at a thrift store a few months ago. I thought I’d use it for a coronet, but first come first served.  I hope our prince and princess like these, since they’re the ones giving them away:



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