Early Spoons


These spoons were my first attempts at spoon making.  The molds are made of clay (although the second, more successful, mold, uses a modern non-firing clay).  They were made for a high-period event.  I would love to do this again, this time with more appropriate spoons.

spoon1 spoons2

2 thoughts on “Early Spoons

  1. You said you’ve used modern non-firing clay to cast pewter. Are you talking like Fimo, or something else?

    I’ve had a heck of a time carving stone with my serious lack of hand strength and growing arthritis issues, and cuttlefish bones give me the screaming mee-mees to touch in any way. I have all this pewter, all these ideas, and people who would love cast trinkets – specifically my household – but I’m at a loss on how to progress.

    Thanks for your time and passion!


    1. I’ve used “air dry” clay from a craft store, and also Bondo (from an auto parts store). Bondo is actually really good as long as you can use it such that the smell doesn’t get you…. Make the positive out of polymer clay, then use the Bondo to make a two-part mold around it: I build a “container” to hold the mold out of legos, smear it all over with vaseline, mix the Bondo in a paper bowl with a throw-away utensil, and pour it in. Press the vaselined positive into it, half-way, and wait about 20 minutes until the surface is warm but hard. Smear vaseline on the top, and pour more Bondo. When that’s done, take the legos apart. While the Bondo is still warm, it’s really easy to work, in order to carve (cut, really) a sprue into. When it’s all done curing (i.e. it’s no longer warm) it handles pewter really well. Hope this helps!


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