Duello Tokens (first, and more advanced)



Per my recollection, my first interest in creating pewter tokens started early in 2000.  I attended a local Carolingian event at which pewter site tokens were given out.  I was immediately enthralled and was told that “Niklaus Sichling Von Nurnberg” (Nick Atlas) had made the tokens.  Nick was generous enough to invite me to his house to work on my first project.  Knowing nothing, I chose as my first project a token for my first (one of my first?) events, which was to be a Duello.  The piece was to be a chess board, along a diagonal of which lies a rapier.  Below is a picture of this first piece.  The black/white squares were differentiated by being at different heights.  It had no hanging loop and was between ** and ** thick.  It was ** on a side.  Ten years later I ran another Duello and decided to redo the piece.  That’s shown below too.  This time there was a hanging loop, the thickness was ** to **, it was ** on a side, and artistically it came out much better.  In those intervening 10 years I had to take a break of a couple of years due to family life, but I’m still glad to see the improvement.  It’s most obvious when you hear the pieces being dropped on a solid surface too… the “tinkle” of the later piece compares favorably to the “thunk” of the first piece.

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