Carolingian Gryphons Rampant

When Baron Fergus and Baroness Venture were about to step into the role of Baron and Baroness Carolinigia, they approached me with a request to make for them several tokens during their reign.  After some discussion, we decided that the most appropriate would be to base the tokens on the Carolingian symbol of the gryffon, and to use different postures to denote the time of the reign.  The first was to be rampant.  I created “his-and-hers” medallions, each with the Carolingian Wavy-Y (pall wavy) on the back.  In the picture below, “his” didn’t pour well… one of the problems of being the artisan is that frequently I neglect to keep a good copy for myself and go digging around the scrap heap for pictures.  The medallions are as identical as I could make them, with the exceptions being:

  • they are mirror images of each other
  • his holds a rose, which is his personal symbol, while hers holds a lotus flower, which is her personal symbol
  • his has a pizzle, which hers doess not.  This difference is pretty subtle, but I appreciate it and I think so do the Baron and Baroness.


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