Thanks to the patient and talented Rachel, I now have an entree to a new hobby that has fascinated me for many years: henna body art.  My first few attempts have been practicing largely on myself.  Here are some of the designs (the ugly, the bad, and the nearly-good)

Some of the work on my leg.  The Peacock feather actually didn’t turn out as well as I’d hoped – the henna seemed to bleed into itself, blurring the details in the middle of the feather.  The Curlicues were a test.  I did the one on the right first, both going from top to bottom. As you can see, I got better near the end of the second one.  I also tried a winged dragon (next time I think he’ll get forelimbs as well as wings) and an Eastern Tyger

IMG_20140526_202330_368 IMG_20140526_202337_208

IMG_20140526_203125_337 IMG_20140526_203130_157 IMG_20140526_203902_973

I did this flower on my foot the next day.  Here are pictures of it before the henna fell off and first thing the next morning. The color got even darker the second day. I’m pleased with this one, though I should embellish more.  I like the little squiggly end to the stem.

IMG_20140528_215615_659 IMG_20140529_083827_503

An intertwined pair of dragons that my daughter wanted on her arm (this is about 4 days after I applied it)



I did this “bracelet” first when Rachael gave me a cone that was misbehaving.  I wasn’t on the ball enough to get good pictures of my arm, I only have the pictures after *some* of the henna had fallen off, not even when it was all on, or all off:


A peacock that I did with that same cone, copying some of Rachael’s work.  The flower on the upper arm turned out really nice; too bad the picture is at this poor unphotogenetic stage:


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