The lost six months (Or: let’s NOT let this happen)

The events of November 1, 2014 in the SCA Kingdom of the East served as a rock dropped in the middle of a lake, whose surface appeared smooth until the rock pierced it.  If you are blissfully unaware of what I refer to, you can read my account here.  In the immediate aftermath, there wasContinue reading “The lost six months (Or: let’s NOT let this happen)”

Field Battle, or “I love coming up with a good plan”

This is a post about the SCA Event Gulf Wars.  Feel free to see what that’s all about here: On Wednesday there were two war points for rapier: the field battle (three scenarios) and the ravine battle (one scenario).  Earlier in the week I had been appointed the General of the Eastern Rapier Army (allContinue reading “Field Battle, or “I love coming up with a good plan””

The growing of girlchild

The foster daughter has a bad cold, and girlchild caught head lice at school.  Made for an “exciting” couple of days around here, but we’re all surviving well.  I wanted to keep girlchild away from fosterchild so that they wouldn’t share their respective bugs (although of course we had treated the headlice).  Still, better toContinue reading “The growing of girlchild”