Hooray we’ve all been talking, but let’s make sure we’re talking about the right thing….

On Saturday Nov 1 2014 the Crown Tournament happened.  The one with the eerie silence at its conclusion.

By Wednesday Nov 5 it seemed like nearly everyone remotely involved was talking about it, except only in hushed whispers.  Having checked the usual hangouts, and finding no discussion remotely public about the topic, that’s when I then posted about the events on that day.

Hoo boy did discussions happen.  Musically, I’d say it was a rapid crescendo. I’ve heard from many near and far.  By and large, the consensus was that talking about it publicly, with others of potentially disparate opinions and thoughts, has been a Good Thing.  Cathartic on some level.

But now, I do not believe it is our place to, nor is it helpful or constructive, to keep hashing out the specifics of last Saturday or to further demand any action specifically about the events and activities of that day.  Not because there isn’t going to be any action made or taken, but because those in the positions to actually do anything about it are considering what can be done.

The event was fairly extreme, because so many feel it is so important, but at the end of the day it is only one.  One day, one event, which is clear to many involved in these discussions is in reality part of a string of similar (though perhaps not as jarring) incidents.

And it is those, which together make up a negative pattern, which we as a populace not only should discuss, but are actually empowered to improve.

If all we do is continue to gnash our teeth about one incident, and not actively try to learn from the whole pattern that it is a part of, and not try to change things so that such incidents become rare if not completely eradicated, then we don’t deserve better.  Let’s please maintain our momentum but alter the discussion to what we can do to change the culture that led up to the events of November 1, so that one day we may look back and thing to ourselves “that old culture culminated in the events of that day. Good thing we changed things for the better.”


My humble start to this process was outlined in a previous post.  I will summarize in a nice clean post so that comments on the plan can be made specifically to that.  Here, feel free to argue or agree with me about whether we as a populace should stop hashing out the specifics of Nov 1 and move on to more constructive discussions of how to make things better.

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