We had a little snow on the ground here a couple of weeks ago.  Maybe a week or so ago, a snowman appeared in the yard.  Brokk told me that the girls had built it.  It was a nice snowman, about 4′ tall, with three body segments, stick arms, eyes, nose and smile, and even “hair”.  I went out the next morning to take a picture of it and already, the head had melted away.  Sad, I walked away.

I asked girlchild about it and she told me that she built it, to show her foster sister.  (reading between the lines, they both wanted to build one but the younger girl lost interest in the actual labor).  I was pretty impressed that girlchild had built a whole snowman by herself.

A couple of nights later, she “fixed” the snowman so that his face was on what used to be his abdomen, and his arms stuck out from what was his legs before.  In other words, he became a two-snowball snowman.  He looked pretty good and I finally got a picture of it.  It felt a bit bittersweet, since I had missed the opportunity to take a picture of the snowman when he was first built.

But even that face melted off by the morning.  By this point, you would figure that any child would have lost interest in this snowman.  But apparently, not girlchild.  A couple of nights later, she and I came home from a pretty tiring day of errands, and in fading light she decided she was going to fix the snowman.  Keep in mind, that by now most of the snow has melted away.  There is a patch at least 15 feet in radius around the snowman that was purely grass, since anywhere the kids had stomped was melted or smooshed into the mud.  Undeterred, she spent 20 minutes fetching handfuls of snow to patch up the 2-snowball edifice, and then she started into making a new head.  I helped a little, partly because it was getting dark but mostly because her enthusiasm was infectious.  In fact, she made the head too big and I got to show her how to carve snow using your shoe.  We got the head on and I served to hold things in place while she fetched handfuls of snow to patch them.  For example, holding the head until she got “neck snow” and holding an arm while she shored it up.  The engineering work was all hers.

Arms (one raised so it looked like he was waving), eyes (stones), nose (pebble), smile (4 pieces of stick so that he had a small smile with dimples), pipe (short thick stick), and hair (limp dead iris leaves) and he was perfect.

It rained that night, and by the morning the snowman was very skinny.  His hair was still on.

Now I remember that she called it not a “snowman” but a “snowperson”:)

Tenacity; I have never seen so much of it in a 7yo.

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