The growing of girlchild

The foster daughter has a bad cold, and girlchild caught head lice at school.  Made for an “exciting” couple of days around here, but we’re all surviving well.  I wanted to keep girlchild away from fosterchild so that they wouldn’t share their respective bugs (although of course we had treated the headlice).  Still, better to be safe than sorry.


This morning I made three cakes as a base for a fancy dessert for next weekend.  Then packed up girlchild to go run errands.  We went to the Salvation Army with a truck full of items for donation.  My basement and my heart felt lighter after the drop-off.  Then off to BJs for food supplies, and after that we needed to go to a craft store and to buy her some new shoes and socks.  On the way to lunch, I pulled over into an Uno’s restaurant and offered her that or sushi at Wegman’s.  She chose Uno’s, so in we went, me with my laptop and her with my iPad.   I got some work done while she played.  It’s awesome being a touch typist, because I can let my fingers finish typing a thought while actually participating in the game with her.


Shoes proved difficult to get.  I had recently bought her a pair of Van’s online, but they were too wide for her narrow feet.  I’ll be returning them.  She tends to prefer to have only one pair of shoes (we’ve tried having sneakers and nice shoes and boots available, but it doesn’t seem to work for her and just frustrates her about what to wear).  She is so long and slender that many of her trousers are a little short.  They still look good on her, but with the short socks that she tends to prefer (and therefore Santa brought for her) she is left with an inch or two of ankle showing.  We didn’t find shoes at the first place we looked, and ended up at the mall.  I abhor the mall.  But we had directions so that we were barely in the mall proper, and thankfully found a pair that worked for her.  Black sneakers with elastic and one velcro strap, and rainbow stripes on the sides.


By that point is was close to 3pm and she had asked to go skating.  The rink opened at 3 for open skate.  Thankfully I had prepared for this contingency and had packed all her skating stuff, so off we went to the rink.  She skated around really well, practicing all the moves they tried to teach her in class (except the going backwards part). When she fell she picked herself right up.


All day we hung out.  We left the house at 10:30 and didn’t get home till after 4pm.  She was a delight to hang with, and I had a lot of fun.  Seven years old.  Sheesh. 🙂

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