Cats January 2013


We are back to being a 3-cat family.  Rosie is a long-haired tabby, and is about 6 years old; we’ve had her for about 4 years.  Odin is a black cat with one eye, about 1.5 years old.  We got her when she was about 2 months old.  Latest addition is Sleipnir/Slipnir/Slippy, a 3 month old tabby.  All girls, which was a coincidence, although the last two have male names.  Sleipnir was brought home in the hope that she’d be a good companion for Odin.  So far this has worked out well, as the two of them play wrestle for hours each day.  The dog, Pepper, keeps hoping that Sleipnir will wrestle with her, but thus far the two aren’t speaking the same language so even though the kitten has started to make motions towards wanting to wrestle with the dog, the dog isn’t understanding the cat’s body language and so the promise remains unfulfilled.

Wide eyed Slipnir Beautiful Sleepy Odin Cats 2 and 3 on climberSleipnir on top, taunting Odin inside the cat tower.

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