The good, the bad, and the pretty

Ah Christmas vacation.  7 schooldays off this year, which with weekends means 11 consecutive days out of school.  That is a very long time to be out of the structure of school.  As I have been home more for it than other holidays, I have gotten to see the decline of behavior more directly than in other cases.  After a few days of this, I realized that there is no house big enough, nor enough toys in the world, to keep the peace between three children.

So, on Saturday, we embarked on our first “big adventure”.  We went first to Target so the kids could spend some of their Christmas money, and subsequently off to the Ecotarium.  Personally, I needed a new pair of mid-calf boots for work.  They had two that would fit the bill – a platform pair with nearly 6″ heels, and a pair of pseudo-engineer boots with ~ 5″ heels.  I knew I should get the lower heels. They were much more practical.  Target has a wonderful policy of keeping a pair of size 11s in every shoe type, and boychild frequently helps me find them.  (This started when he was just learning his numbers, and as math practice I used to have him help me find my size)  As I was dithering about buying the more practical pair, I flipped them over and noted that the sole had a rose on it. It would leave a neat imprint in the snow!  Still, I dithered, at which point, in a near-whisper, boychild says “Roses for Rozi”.  That clinched it.  Off we went with the practical pair, which are simply lovely, knowing that I am walking with my own bouquet as proffered to me by my son.

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