Mouse Priveledges

After more than a month taking care of my geckos, by July 6 girlchild had earned the right to her own “starter” pet (i.e. mouse, gerbil, dwarf hamster, or fish). We looked and looked on petfinder and finally saw one at the MSPCA in JP that looked perfect. We met him, and he is even better than his picture! I’m not sure yet what his story is, but at the shelter we were told he’d been there for a very long time (at least since last November), and only after we got him home we realized he was missing his right hand. Why did we miss something so seemingly obvious? It could be because he is the most spectacular climber I’ve ever had as a mouse pet. Clearly, the missing hand doesn’t matter to him, and it matters even less to us. He’s wonderful. His fur is uber-soft, and he hasn’t so much as peed on us once. We did buy him a non-wire wheel though since he can’t grip properly without a hand. I asked my daughter whether she would have reconsidered had she known about the missing hand. My heart about burst with pride when she said “Not at all. It means he needs us more.” Welcome home Spotty!

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