Ah the travails of parenting

Tonight was bath night. Delayed by a day because we got off our schedule two days ago.  Boychild wanted to go first, which was fine with me.  Girlchild was second.  I prefer to have fosterchild go third due to all the hair products I need to use in her hair.

During bath 1, I developed a cramp in my foot.  By bath 2, I still couldn’t get rid of the cramp and I was in terrible pain.  The girls needed a break from each other and frankly with the pain in my foot I couldn’t handle both of them in the small bathroom, so I asked fosterchild to go play in their room while girlchild got her bath.  Finally I realized that the cramp wasn’t going to go away where I was, so I left girlchild alone while I went across the hallway to my bedroom to lay down for just a couple of minutes.

I immediately started to feel better.  However, not one minute had gone by when I heard a loud crash… either something of thin metal had fallen down or something of thick glass had broken.  I bolted out of bed and ran into the hallway.  But now I have fosterchild in the girls’ room (or maybe downstairs) boychild somewhere I knew not where in the house, and girlchild in the bathroom.  And I didn’t know where the sound had come from so I did not know whom to check on to see if they were alright.  I can count on one hand, maybe one finger, the number of times the three kids were all in separate rooms and each without a grownup, and of course this horrible sound had to happen in one of these few times.  I called “who made that sound? What’s wrong? Is anyone hurt?” but of course, guilt kept the responsible child silent.  I called again, with more urgency in my voice, and finally boychild replied with “it was me”.  He had knocked over a glass bulb that was in his bedroom.  Yes it was his fault but it’s not like he did it on purpose.  I got him his pajamas and had him get dressed outside his bedroom due to the shards littering his floor.  Told him not to go back in, that I’d clean it up after the baths.


Sigh.  So much for relaxation.  But believe it or not, the foot cramp had largely resolved already.  I managed to get the other two baths in, then cleaned the glass (was so very much tempted to leave it to the husband).  Now, on couch while kids watch a movie under supervision I get to write this blog and get back to work.

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